Feminists Try To Take Control of the National Mall With Indecent Monument

Leftists across the country may want to topple historic statues, but radical feminists from San Francisco want to erect one: a 45-foot-tall nude woman named R-Evolution who will stand on the National Mall in D.C., facing down the Washington monument as a symbol of the “fight for womens’ equality.”

According to MSN, a progressive group based out of San Francisco wants to take the statue, which is one of three nude female statues from artist Marco Cochrane, tear it down, and move it to Washington D.C., where she can stand facing down monuments of “male oppression,” including the White House and the 555-foot “phallic” ode to our nation’s founder.

“These sculptures are about expressing what it would be like if women were safe,” the sculptor told media. “To me this sculpture answers that question. … She’s absolutely fearless and accepting and being able to do that is a really powerful thing.”

R-Evolution would remain in place from November until March 28, just after International Women’s Day, and after the “Catharsis” festival” — a small ode to Burning Man that takes place yearly on the National Mall (the statue, of course, was “born” as an idea at Burning Man). Tourists will have only a short time in which to take their awkward selfies with the large, naked lady.


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