School Board Member Compares American Flag To ‘Toilet Paper’

A Chicago-area school board member equated the American flag with “toilet paper”—and now, she’s doubling down on her comments.

In a post on her personal Facebook page, School District U46 board member Traci O’Neal Ellis praised NFL players for kneeling during the National Anthem, claiming that the American flag “means nothing more than toilet paper to [her.]”

“And I promise you, I would take #TakeAKnee at school board meetings if my doing so would not be disruptive to kids and a distraction to the work we need to do for them,” she added.

Ellis’s rant went viral after another school board member, Jeanette Ward, screenshotted the post—calling Ellis’s comments “despicable and disgusting.”


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  1. I agree with Jeanette. It’s disgusting and disrespectful to treat the flag as toilet paper. Kick her off the board!!

  2. The people of that school district should recall Traci O’Neal! She does not deserve to represent the education our student should get–that is to respect our flag and national anthem!

  3. Who are these people and what planet are they living on? There is no other country on this planet with so many people wanted to come here and risk everything to do just that.

  4. Anheuser-Busch is rethinking their NFL sponsorship, and they want your input.

    In the wake of increased national anthem protests by NFL players, Anheuser-Busch is reconsidering its NFL sponsorship, likely because the protests are very unpopular among everyday Americans. Bud Light currently serves as the official beer of the NFL.

    So the company set up a hotline for fans to call and give their thoughts about the protests and Anheuser-Busch’s sponsorship of the NFL. The number for the hotline is: 1-800-342-5283.

    When a customer calls the number, they are greeted by a recorded voice who gives them the opportunity to voice their opinions about the protests.

  5. Traci O’Neal
    Leave your passport at the airline gate and take a one way flight to North Korea.
    Try burning their flag and see what happens to you.

  6. If she doesn’t love America and our flag, I’m sure Isis would love her to join them! It would be “good riddance”!!

  7. Give her a one way ticket to North Korea.
    She sounds a nuts as the idiot that runs that country.
    Enjoy your trip Traci.

  8. Are you kidding me this person is in education. Makes me glad I don’t live in Chicago, I do know that many in education are liberal left nut jobs. I do have a offer to this dimwit. If she doesn’t like this country I will help her pack and drive her to the airport. She can go to any other country in the world if she wants to.

  9. It is sad we have such Dim witted people in any position of power over the education of children. I was an educator and saw our educational system faltering under the leadership and delivery of some teachers that were “liberal” in their belief system and operation. The sad thing is most of those we’re seeing teaching as a job not as a profession.

  10. The American flag means nothing more than “toilet paper” to her? Nice to know. She is teaching children? She is in the wrong profession. Children need to learn about the founding of our nation and why we need to honor the flag and the national anthem. These men were willing to pledge their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to bring forth this new nation. I wonder what has any meaning to her that might cause her to do likewise? I doubt very much that anything has that much meaning for her.

  11. If you support a political protest you should do it in a way that does Not disrespect our country and our flag. Those who disrespect those things do not understand that they are disrespecting all of America and all races who are proud of our country and the Freedom that our forefathers fought for and won through Unity with our “brothers” of all cultures. Disrespecting the flag and our national anthem is disrespecting us all, especially those who have fought and died or were seriously injured while serving for our country. SO WRONG!!

  12. jerks like this on the school board?????????
    the schools under liberals have become ‘juvenile daycare/liberal indoctrination centers’.
    nothing is learned but ‘hate america’.

  13. The scary thing about her comment is the fact that too many democrat leaning people think it is OK to disparage our great country.. the same country that allows them to indoctrinate our children into their twisted logic. Also, the country that pays their salary, and grants them the ability to live in the greatest country on the planet. But what she may not realize is, we also would be more than happy for her to take herself out of our country and go somewhere where she can say those things without being imprisoned for saying them.. oh yeah, there is no other country that would put up with that for even a minute.

  14. AND SHE IS TEACHING OUR CHILDREN? Where are the board members? are they really allowing this kind of talk to our children? Disgusting.

  15. She is supposed to show leadership and respect. If she cannot be more responsible for her words and actions then she needs to find another way to support herself. Her behavior should earn her a job away from children.

  16. If we all treat our Flag as toilet paper the country will live under Sharia law soon…..
    So called “Liberals” want to take away our guns and our flag and soon enough they took away the country

  17. Ms. Ellis never fought for the freedom she so greatly appreciates as she wrongly assumes that anyone cares whether she wipes her ass or not! Ask her the question we all want to ask, “how have the black athletes that are kneeling each Sunday been persecuted and have not been given equal opportunity in this country?”. I’m still waiting on that discussion!

  18. These comments about the flag are what you can expect from democrats in Chicago. They are probably more attune to the north Korean flag and their dear leader “ROCKET MAN”.

  19. What have the Chicago area schools ethics fallen to? No school board member should hold their position after voicing these comments. This is someone who is far below the character and responsibility that any Chicago area school board should be proud to have as a member. Common sense alone demands this person be censured and removed from her position immediately.


  21. Another Leftist living in this country who needs to be kicked out. She is a disgrace to this Country, the Constitution, the Anthem, & the Flag. She should be kicked off the board !

  22. This school board employee is paid by federal taxpayer’s money. She is therefore a public servant. Is beyond vile and despicable that she would equate our flag with toilet paper. She should be removed from the school board immediately because American taxpayers should not pay our horn earn money towards anybody who is that anti-American. Why is she living in a country that she obviously the test as much as she does and what is she think she has a platform will she can so disgustingly disrespect our country our flag and our freedoms. The only one she’s disgracing is her self.

  23. This woman should be fired, anyone who would make these kind of remarks has no place in a class room any where.
    She should keep her political views at home, not with our children.

  24. This teacher should Not Be On Any American school Board… if you don’t Respect our Flag .. pick a Country that’s Better And Move!!

  25. You hate our country and what it stands for you have no respect and do not deserve any back. You don’t like it leave and see how you can do in another country you might like them we both would be pleased!!

  26. If she doesn’t like it here, there are plenty of other places in the world that might suit her. Her comments are disgusting after all the opportunities that flag and country have given her. I hope the Board finds the comments unacceptable and is able to “fire” her.

  27. She’s a Chicago low life. Probably an Obama sign holder and hack.

    Not surprised nor inflamed. Just another ignorant person that can leave for their home country anytime she wants. Not that she will !!

  28. Traci O’Neal Ellis needs to be fired and shipped to Venezuela or Cuba to live. Maybe after a couple of years under their government she would change her mind about using our flag and all it stands for for toilet paper. She is disrespecting every life that ever fought and died for this country, to give her the freedom she has to even make a comment like that.!!!
    Fire her!!!!! She’s not fit to teach our kids.!!!!!

  29. Everyone has their own opinion. I think her paycheck should be rolled in dog poop 💩 and shoved in her mouth. If she doesn’t like it here she can take her whole family south of the border!

  30. Coming from the Obama state, the state that Is governed by the ” Never let a crisis go to waste ” Emanuel, the state that his the ridicules murder rate of Blacks killing BLACKS in Chicago, it is not surprising! Probably a prodigy of Alinsky and ” rules for radicals”and a devout indoctrinologist, it would Be a cold day in he’ll my child in that school district!!! Gives credence to HOME SCHOOLING!!!!!!

  31. I strongly suggest that Ms Ellis should be shipped to a Mid Eastern or Asian country where the American Flag is also not respected. There, she could not compare the flag to toilet paper because in three thousand years of their “culture” they have still not learned to build a toilet, let alone use paper. (They do it in the same hole in the ground dug all those years ago.) If this country and its advancements are so undesirable that she has to “trash” the flag, she should go elsewhere and try (?) to be happy.

  32. Even though I’m a man, if she wants to take a knee, I’d be happy to give her one, along with any other persons willing to debase our Country and “for which it stands.”

    Give the NFL a knee … where it counts the most.

  33. This “POS” should be IMMEDIATELY “THROWN OFF” of the school board. She is a “DISGRACE” to the USA and has “NO” place in “ANY” school system.

  34. Leave our American Flag alone. You might not like it our respect it so leave our county and go to one that will take you and your attitude, be as use we do not need you or want you. Also you should be fired from you job. We do not need people like you around our children. There are people in this country that honor our flag. You probably do not even respect our service men and women who fight for freedom.

  35. Ms Ellis, feel free to leave this country and never come back! My Grandfather served this great Country in WWII with this grand flag leading the way! How dare you spit on our Founding Fathers, and EVERY American Soldier who have their life to protect people like you who have no regard for their sacrifice, their gift, and our freedom!

  36. Ms Ellis, feel free to leave this country and never come back! My Grandfather served this great Country in WWII with this grand flag leading the way! How dare you spit on our Founding Fathers, and EVERY American Soldier who has given their life to protect people like you who have no regard for their sacrifice, their gift, and our freedom!

  37. What an ignorant and unresponsive person. How did she ever get on the school board. Oh that’s right she’s from Chicago where the left reigns and murder and ignorance run rampant. God help this disputable person. I realize I’m putting myself out there now as a target for all the ignorant left to take aim at. They are so caring for anyone that commits a crime, doesn’t support their thinking or even free speech. God help them.

  38. This School Board member has decided that the USA is NOT her country and should move to another country where she can see how great the USA is. She definitely needs to be fired, she is NOT suitable to be a school board member. Despicable!!
    I pray one day she she doesn’t need our military to help save her butt!!

  39. Her attitude is deplorable and is probably one of the reasons Chicago Schools are such an overwhelming success. Obviously, she is one of the many people in this country who ask what the country will do for them rather than JFK’s ask what they can do for the country. Makes one wonder if she contributes anything positive at the school board or is it just a personal power base as so many politicians make use of their “service”.

  40. She is a gutless POS and should resign or be fired…If she hates America and the flag that mush, go to NOPKO, Russia or China..I’m sure she will find a prison cell in any of thsoe countries more confined if she opens he mouth in those countries.

  41. I think if this idiot had a brain she would take it out and play with it, she is a complete disgrace to this country, she ought to visit other countries to see just how great this country is. She ought to read about the history of this country and then visit a national cemetery and say a prayer thanking these brave individuals who gave their all for her and all freedom loving people of this country.

  42. Traci O’Neal Ellis, you are a very fortunate human-being that you have had the privilege to obviously learn what toilet paper is…. now use it to wipe your mouth

  43. I would suggest that Traci’s comments should be written on toilet paper and disposed of appropriately. Coming from a family that saw five male members risk their lives in WWll and Korea for the country and flag I have nothing but contempt for this piss head.

  44. If she is from another country Send her back. Good place for her in City. She is a Nothing a nobody. Terrible person can not call her a lady is a tramp?

  45. If she doe not like the flag Let her leave the country she is free to live in any other country I do not what my takes to pay her salary or to teach any kids

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