10-Year Old Viciously Attacked for Reciting Pledge of Allegiance

Two 10-year-olds in an Atlanta elementary school were viciously bullied by other students—for reciting the morning Pledge of Allegiance.

Jason Newberry of Orgs Elementary School explained that he and another classmate put their hand over their heart and recited the pledge. When they did, other students in the class began harassing them.

“Nobody put their hand over their heart except for me and one other little boy, and we said the Pledge of Allegiance,” Newberry explained. “Me and him got called KKK, Nazi, and we just kept getting bullied the whole day.”

Newberry explained that he didn’t know about the controversy surrounding the American flag—spurned by protests at NFL games, where players took a knee during the National Anthem—until later that day when his second-period teacher showed him a news clip.


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