Jim Mattis Unveils New Afghanistan Strategy

The new Pentagon strategy will move more U.S. troops closer to the front lines in an effort to increase the effectiveness of Afghan forces to convince the Taliban it has no choice but to negotiate an end to the 16-year war.

“The fighting will continue to be carried out by our Afghan partners, but our advisers will accompany tactical units to advise and bring NATO fire support to bear when needed,” Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told senators Tuesday.

“Make no mistake, this is combat duty, but the Afghan forces remain in the lead for the fighting,” Mattis said in his opening statement the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Mattis outlined a plan to send 3,000 addition combat advisers to join Afghan units that have no advisers, and to allow all U.S. troops to go along on offensive missions against the Taliban, not just to provide advice but to call in airstrikes if necessary.


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