Liberals Get It Wrong on Campaign Spending

The 2018 election is already upon us. Americans can expect an expensive one.

Outside groups have spent tens of millions on Senate and House races already. A projected $3 billion will be spent on political advertisements through 2018.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. “Money in politics” — long vilified by liberal commentators — simply translates to more information with which voters make decisions. This means more ads, more town halls, and more political discussion — the foundation of American democracy. Our society flourishes when we are exposed to more speech and can freely associate with more political groups, not fewer.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media is already fearmongering, churning out ominous phrases like “dark money” and “assault on transparency.” A recent New York Times headline reads: “American democracy is drowning in money.” The Times praises France’s restrictive system, where paid political advertising on television is prohibited and campaign contributions are strictly limited. The Huffington Post breathlessly warns readers: “Outside financiers are already beginning to wield their influence.” Esquire sensationalized that “dark money invades our politics.”


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