Guess Who’s Funding The Anti-Trump Resistance

Major left-wing foundations have given millions of dollars to a leading anti-Trump “resistance” group, a new report reveals.

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation, The Ford Foundation and the Open Society Foundation have channeled millions of dollars to the Center for Community Change, according to 2015 tax documents obtained by The Washington Free Beacon.

The documents provide a rare glimpse into the relationship between big progressive donors and the left-wing activists who have mobilized against President Trump and other Republican lawmakers. As a 501(c)3 organization, the center isn’t required to publicly disclose the source and nature of its donations.

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation gave $3 million to the Center for Community Change. The Ford Foundation gave another $2.3 million to the center, while the Open Society Foundation provided another $1,750,000 to the center, as revealed by the documents.


Read more at the Daily Caller.


  1. Ford and Kellogg, how interesting.
    I find it amazing that Ford has kept silent on their sponsoring and backing of the huge problems facing the NFL, perhaps they are keeping a low profile for SEVERAL reasons, now the truth comes out. The truth will come out and their response may be to little too late. But their sales will definitely hit rock bottom.

  2. When will enough be enough from these communistic groups. It’s time to boycott all companies who do whatever they can to take down our President. There needs to be a law against these donations and Soros is behind the entire act of the destruction of our POTUS and our Democratic Constitutional Republic. Soros needs to have his citizenship revoked along with his grown sons and shipped back to Poland where he came from, or charge him with war crimes and throw him in prison for the rest of his evil life. Take his sons to prison with him.

  3. WEll ford, I own a Chevy and will never buy a ford product and will suggest to family
    and friends they do the same I would suggest businesses stay out of politics.


  5. President Trump did not take office until Jan 2017, what do contributions from a 2015 tax form tell us about their efforts against Pres. Trump

  6. It’s time to put our special interests aside and. Work for the good of this country. I am ashamed that the Kellogg foundation and Ford motor company are part of this. Don’t work to destroy us. Work to build us up.

  7. Ford We stood behind you during the Obama era, and your great come back. Come back because we stood behind you, and bought your products. Now you abandon us supporting the anti Trump resistance.

  8. I can’t believe these liberals still don’t get it, God ordained Donald Trump to be president for such a time as this as our country has strayed away from God as you see the morality has deteriorated in the last 30 years, ever since prayed was banned in our schools and our universities that were once Christian Universities have now strayed away from Christian values. The caring for one another has diminished a great deal and it seems that life isn’t sacred anymore and that is sad.

  9. Kellogg, Ford are American companies. Get being President Trump to make America GREAT. Don’t be communist Democrat corrupt companies!!!!!!!! You do NOT want Soros Dems taking over our country.

  10. Left wing Right wing.., just a bunch of millionaires grabbing power to push their own political beliefs and control the power that helps them. When will Americans realize that the 2 groups are the same.., and the middle class is stopping them from total control., much easier to control a 2 class society than 3 class.

  11. SOROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS and HITLARY set this guy up to kill these people in LAS VEGAS . I think the shooter was a Trump hater and new that Country Western people were conservative and wanted them removed. They will do anything to destroy us Trump supporters. EVIL EVIL EVIL , these Dem haters are the worst in this Country and doing a good job of destroying this nation.

  12. Get over it‼️ It’s President Donald Trump. Too bad Hillary lost but she did!!!!!! Now get along with the Republicationd and Democrats who voted him into office. Some of us want someone we can trust and it isn’t Hillary‼️
    He’s been President for about eight months and has quite a few months remaining in his term. You are supposed to support whoever is elected‼️

  13. Thanks for the information. I will never buy a Ford, thank goodness I don’t own one. Now will avoid anything Kellogg too.

  14. it ok ford is no longer for the American People, he is not Henry Ford the First, he the last, I will no longer buy anther ford. I now turn to GM or Japan cars and will 100% back My President trump and will always stand for Our Flag and though who die for it, God Bless President Trump for putting America first and it people.

  15. Look at who’s donating this year …. GOOGLE! It’s obvious our country is in a great divide! Seems no one’s trying to be part of the solution – only part of the problem – by making statements that further divide. C’mon…..

  16. The Center for Community Change generally works in urban areas, especially within communities of color, and attempts to create resident-based groups to work on local issues of concern. The organization sponsors internships and training programs in several areas, including community organizing, service learning, union organizing, electoral engagement, and youth/student organizing

  17. These are the totalitarian promoters for a dictaorship that they will be a part of the control over people whom they want to enslave for their own greedy whims & ways !

  18. Hate Ford because they destroy good car companies so the crappy cats can be sold. Cereal is a scam with nothing but carbs, and I say boycott Ford and Kellogg priducts

  19. It is hard for many of we Republicans to believe after 8+ years of left wing Obamas efforts to totally destroy America that so very many leftists still continue to place themselves first and America in their (who cares) classification. Just picture what America would be like if we become like Venezuela, Cuba and so many other countries that have been reduced to starving citizens, no jobs (think about Obamas) 92,000,000 people on welfare with no job, no means to get ahead, high taxes they cannot pay etc. No vacations ever, no new cars and on and on. And just where is Mr. Obama right now? He and family are million airs; fancy homes, cars, vacations. Thank God for giving us Donald Trump to change it all for all Americans.

  20. I see now that I will no longer support any of these companys. they should be neutral unbias and support the country. I never liked Oboma .or Hillary.I will buy my product etc from companys that support

  21. In my lifetime I’ve owned many dozens of different cars – never a Ford product, seldom eat cold cereals but prefer brands other than Kellogs and would never knowingly do any business with a Soros company. He “escaped” from a communist country when that was very difficult, presumably with few resources and became one of the world’s greatest capitalists. Then he turned his wealth against the system that made him wealthy. Very suspicious. I think I’ve made good choices avoiding supporting enterprises that seek to destroy freedom and capitalism.

  22. Has the left and Democratic Party really lost it all? Apparently they want to destroy, derail, render him in-presidential or other before the four year term he has been elected to? I am insulted as an American on what this left is doing to our democracy, President and TV anti-Trump 24/7 commenting. Apparently, they fear him.

    We probably have not had a more fundamental, honest, plain speaking person in the White house since Reagan, who brought back normalcy and good business while in office. Sad.

  23. Probe theyre Tax accounts then, make= to what was done to Conservative groups & then too Seize assets IE money laundering etc IF any.
    NO exceptions, Reduce impact by IRS examine books.
    Force issue on them & reduce funding anti Trump.
    Probe the groups & CEO VP, Finance, etc alone.
    Make em quake in boots.

  24. Predictable Left Wing Demoncratic interference with the 2016 election.

    I urge all Republican and Independent voters to immediately stop doing business with these un-American Left Wingers (Communists.)

  25. Breakfast food and Ford automobiles are on the “do not buy” list. I’ll have to check out the ‘Open Society Foundation’ — sounds like some ‘crummy’ front organization.

  26. Well, I will need a little more info before I take a stand here. What I mean is, this Kellogg company, is this the company tied with the Cereal products??? Ford, I hope someone will tell me that this is not the Ford Automotive company, is it?? About the others?? Looking for more information. Thanks. God Bless.

  27. So, is this FAKE NEWS? In 2015 President Trump had not won the Presidency as yet….or, is that news to you?

    Take me off of your mailing list, PLEASE!

  28. We are in our mid 70’s and this is the first time we have ever purchased a brand new Ford Explorer XLT. We read that Ford Foundation is giving large donations to the Anti-Trump Resistance. We have also read that you are still sponsoring the NFL after their hateful demonstrations against the American flag, American anthem and President Trump. Disgusting! I guess we will have to go back to General Motor products. Too bad, because we like our Explorer, but don’t want to support you if you are going to support liberals and the liberal agenda.

  29. I often wonder why large corporations want change to one if not the greatest countries in the world.

    They prefer to dictate to the populace.

    Free enterprise is a gift from the living God of the universe from whence flow.

  30. They can fund all they want. The silent ones who voted and continue to support our president ignore what is and has been evident since January 1, 2016.

  31. BOycotting Kellogs and Ford, and anyone else who makes this awful anti AMERICAN list. Get wth it people. UNITE for Gods sake!

  32. you can clamor all you want about muslims being the boogie man. Muslims don’t vote to overtax you, restrict you, constrict you. Communist do. People that claim to love Amerika, take an oath and a salary and do JUST THE OPPOSITE that their oath states. Before fake news, THAT was called treason.

  33. If this is true, I’m very disappointed that Kellogg or Ford would knowingly gift there donations this way. Not good for America . They could do so much better with their money for people in need or suffering in any way or for education.

  34. time to boycott FORD AND KELLOGG . spread the word. they HATE America apparently because TRUMP LOVES AMERICA. i guess BO made a great case. an evil case.

  35. W.K. Kellogg Company betrays America
    Find out Which Company was CAUGHT Donating SHOCKING Amounts of Money to George Soros, Black Lives Matter, the Clintons, La Raza… –
    The W.K. Kellogg Foundation is one of the largest, left-wing donors in the country, according to the report:

    The foundation has, for instance, donated millions to the Mexican nationalist organization, La Raza — the group founded to “reclaim” the southwestern United States for Mexico. In 2015, the foundation gave $2,400,000 to the National Council of La Raza for “general operating support.”

    The Kellogg Foundation also has deep ties and associations with George Soros and the Clintons. In December, Breitbart News noted that Kellogg gave $200,000 to George Soros’s far left Open Society Institute.

    Kellogg also gave $930,000 to Black Lives Matter and millions to the Clintons and Soros.

    We need to stop supporting all corporations like Kelloggs, Target, Ford, Verizon if they can’t sell there products then these funds dry up.

    Find out Which Company was CAUGHT Donating SHOCKING Amounts of Money to George Soros, Black Lives Matter, the Clintons, La Raza… –
    I discovered just the other day that Kellogg’s is betraying America big time, but it is even worse then that, their quality control is horrendous. I’ll never buy their products again for both reasons.

    W.K. Kellogg Company betrays America
    Find out Which Company was CAUGHT Donating SHOCKING Amounts of Money to George Soros, Black Lives Matter, the Clintons, La Raza… –
    The W.K. Kellogg Foundation is one of the largest, left-wing donors in the country, according to the report:

    The foundation has, for instance, donated millions to the Mexican nationalist organization, La Raza — the group founded to “reclaim” the southwestern United States for Mexico. In 2015, the foundation gave $2,400,000 to the National Council of La Raza for “general operating support.”

    The Kellogg Foundation also has deep ties and associations with George Soros and the Clintons. In December, Breitbart News noted that Kellogg gave $200,000 to George Soros’s far left Open Society Institute.

    Kellogg also gave $930,000 to Black Lives Matter and millions to the Clintons and Soros.

    We need to stop supporting all corporations like Kelloggs, Target, Ford, Verizon if they can’t sell there products then these funds dry up.
    I am boycott Kellogg, because they are bringing illegal aliens and refugees in on the VISAs (over and beyond the ceiling set by Congress), but when I look at their history they turn my stomach! People need to know what they are doing, how contained their food is year after year. It’s like playing Russia Roulette to eat their products. These were just found on a quick Web look.
    Also consider this: not counting the Kellogg’s list I am showing you below, look at this: Terror in aisle 5: ISIS wants to poison your groceries –
    ISIS groups are calling on lone wolf terrorists to use easily attainable chemicals to poison foods sold in American supermarkets. Success could cause mass death, market panic and extreme food shortages throughout the Western world.

    News of the plan comes via an intelligence report out from the Search for International Terrorist Entities (SITE) consultancy group, an organization which tracks planning and activities of international terror networks for government and corporate clients worldwide.

    According to the organization, ISIS called on lone wolf attackers to begin poisoning food throughout the Untied States, Europe and Russia starting on the Islamic “Sacrifice Feast” Eid al-Adha which ended Tuesday.

    The SITE report indicates that the primary mode of poisoning, which could take place via infiltration at food processing plants, distribution hubs, or even in the aisle of your local supermarket, would be via cyanide and other chemicals synthesized from easily attainable sources.

    Earlier this year, the UK’s The Times reported on documents showing that the terror group has diligently worked to to teach lone wolf terrorists how to synthesize deadly chemicals from products readily available in modern countries such as pesticides and even e-cigarettes.

    ISIS reportedly tested the efficacy of its home brew death chemicals on prisoners before issuing its call to action to global sympathizers.
    Kellogg’s Besieged by Food Recalls over Listeria, Glass, Metal

    Kellogg Worker Urinated On Conveyor Belt Contaminating Company’s Food Products : Technology : Jobs & Hire

    Kellogg’s Corn Contamination Confirmed: Kellogg’s Forced to Recall Product After Finding of StarLink Contamination is Verified

    Kellogg’s cereals found to be contaminated with Monsanto’s cancer-causing glyphosate –

    Kellogg Recalls Eggo Waffles Over Possible Listeria Contamination – Food –

    History of similar problems:
    Kellogg Mini-Wheats Recall: Millions Of Boxes Possibly Contaminated With Metal Pieces | The Huffington Post

    Kellogg’s Food Contaminated Again – June 16, 2011 –

    FDA Slams Kellogg For Listeria In Cookie Plant : Shots – Health News : NPR

    Kellogg issues massive recall as tainted packaging sparks health fears

    Kellogg’s Kashi Trail Mix Bars Recall | Gordon Food Service

    Kellogg’s sued over salmonella-tainted snacks

  36. It is extremely disappointing to see the foundations of such stalwart American corporations betray the values of their founders.

  37. This is disgusting…. He is the best President we have ever had…Why in the world would you help the Libs.. I have totally lost respect for all of you…

  38. It’s a free country. It’s their right to donate to these illicit organizations. They apparently think Hillary would be doing a better job than Trump. They are as screwed up as Hillary and Obama are.

  39. Guess we need to band together to put them out of business. If we stick together they won’t have so much extra money for sedition. I for one will never buy a FORD product again and NO more Kelloggs anything I read labels.

  40. These are anti American company’s and if you dig deep enough you will find their ultament goal.these are some of many company’s that are apposed to strict immigration laws because they work illegal immigration people for little or nothing wages and take honest jobs away from u.s.American corrupt.jgb

  41. They need to stop ALL these foundations & charity’s !! ALL they do is fund these terrible groups !!! George Soros is head of open society !!!

  42. If American people stop supporting these corrupt company’s they will catch on quick like the ticket sales no t.v. sponsorship.ha how about no million dollar over paid babies.jgb

  43. Foundations of evil bent on destroying America with negativity, being divisive, and hiding behind the benevolent word “foundation”. I guess that means no more Fords, no more corn flakes, and George Soros can stick it up his Nazi sympathizer nose.

  44. One may or may not like President Trump but attacking him and everything he says or does is pointless. It would be better to study his proposals and actions and offer an honest critique. Let people know why you don’t like them and offer a better solution. Be specific and not just sound off with a lot of hyperbole. And if he should do something that is good for America and the American people; support it.

  45. Guess it’s like it’s always been big labor for the democrates but time people took notes on what company’s like to try and rig the elections and maybe look at the products try produce and reconsider what we buy!

  46. The Center for Community Change. The Obama run left arm of the Clinton Cartel.
    The reality is that the entire Democratic party is the right arm of the Clinton Cartel.

    Remember the Pinky and the Brain Cartoon. The Democrats are Pinky, guess who is the Brain.
    Make no mistake, they want to rule the world through the UN. In order to do this, the most important thing to accomplish is to disarm law abiding citizens. Don’t think that they will not create an issue to force this change if we let them. The criminals do not mater, they are on their side. Remember they are fighting against the police as well. So common since will seem to be upside down in these cases. The second most important thing to accomplish is to make Americans dependent on them. A form of Addiction to Government hand outs. At some point the addicts will out number the suppliers. When the supply of money (Taxes) drops to a minimum point, or the national debt is called for payment, The Government will take over for Humanitarian reasons of course and force people to do as they say. At that point we will be a communist country. Doing as your told will go against God. The worst of the worst will be at hand. Most of the addicts will get the surprise of their life. Its all about good and evil in this world, it always has been. The Almighty God will always be the side of Good. Its time to think about who is supporting good and evil in our government. I will give you a hint. Billy Graham and his group will never support evil. Think, It can always be worse. If you consider all the drugs that are coming across our southern border, killing more people every day than the resent shooting attack good, then the wall is not needed. Walls were built in bible days to protect gods people. Good people used the doors. Evil will always find a way to destroy lives and property. Evil does not live in Cars, Trucks, planes, explosives, Guns, knives, hammers, rocks, or the jaw bone of an ass. Evil lives in the hearts of men. Guns are the easiest tools to use for evil as well as good. The far left are not fighting real Evil because God Says a house divided unto itself will fall. So they focus on the tool used to do the act. Remember Evil will never follow the laws, So it cannot be outlawed regardless. Drain the Swamp, Stop the evil doers, and build the wall to keep some of the the evil out of America. We have more than enough now.

  47. I have owned Ford trucks for decades but because they are contributing to what I call the ‘Hate Trump initiative’, I will not buy another one. Too bad Ford, my current Ford is 13 years old and I’m looking to replace it soon. Probably go back to GMC or Chevy for that. The same applies to Kellogg cereal. There are many other brands to choose from. These companies need to think about who it is that they are pissing off. It will eventually backfire on them.

  48. THIS DESGRACFUL AND SHame on them.

    This is disgrace full . Shame on them . you can be sure I will not purchase another item or car from them again. why are they so against Trump?? Because he is for the American people and wants to make America great again. While the rest of you ARE greedy AND ONLY INTERST IN YOUR OWN SELF SERVING WAY!


  49. Kellogg’s is one more brainwashed company who hates America and will rget when Marxist Democrats take over as Russia did with Stalin or Germany with Hitler same type people.

  50. Well I certainly will not buy a Ford, buy and Kellog products, and as for the Open Foundation Society, We always knew that Foundation was a slush fund for the Dem’s.

  51. My Dear folks at Kelloggs, and Ford, and others, Why are you throwing good money away on trying to make trouble for the people making this country better .?? I and my family need HELP with paying bills and getting a good car/ truck for work. Spread some of the MONEY you don’t need our WAY, We can sure use it.

    Regards Hazel & Rich Coble

  52. This is BS-America wants these idiots to lay-off of our POTUS immediately! America needs to support Trump-Hate in America is way “Out of Control” due to hateful, nasty, sick Demonrats! We will just have to start a resistance movement to this resistance BS-America will stand United for our POTUS, PRESIDENT Trump-Period! Soros and Obama will need to get used to a “FIGHT” from “We The People”-True Patriots of the USA-Got it?

  53. Did they send any funds to the victims of the Hurricanes in the south and Puerto Rico? Are they the problem of enthroned corruption or just more power grabbers. More Stephen Paddocks in the financial field.

  54. Well, well, well, so sorry to hear those left-wing associates are funding large amounts of money to resist our President Trump, so can’t buy any more Kellogg or Ford products that we have enjoyed for so long and of course have very bad feelings concerning the Open Society Foundation, also. Maybe they will come to their senses when they realize their losses because of how they are wasting all that money!

  55. These tax free foundations have been funding left wing causes for a long time. The Rockefeller Foundation and Carnegie Foundations have as well.

  56. I will Boycott these company’s. I will not be a part of these globalists taking diwn the American Government, the Constitution or The Bill of Rights, disrespect for America , her people, her purpose & The Declaration Of Independence.

  57. i will never buy a ford again also i will never buy any kellogg products and my friends want buy any ever again. i hope everyone that sees this message will do the same.

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