No End in Sight for Congressional Russian Investigation

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr told reporters Wednesday that he “can’t set a date” on when the investigation into Russian interference in the election will be completed.

Sen. Burr said, “I’m confident today that we chose wisely by choosing our professional staff to do this investigation, and not to the talking heads all around the country that suggested we couldn’t do this unless we went out and hired a whole new group.”

“And I think the numbers here reflect that. Ultimately, we look forward to completing our work and presenting our findings to the public. I can’t set a date as to when that will be. Mark [Warner] can’t set a data as to when that can be. We will share about you after we’ve exhausted every thread of intelligence,” he added.

Burr also said that he wouldn’t share every detail about who he met with with the public. He said, “The truth is, none of us in this room may know everybody we’ve met with. We’re not going to share who we interview. We’re not going to share what we ask, and we’re certainly not going to share what they tell us. We’re not going to share with you the documents that we got.


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