Dem Senator Opposes Trump’s Agenda Due To “Industry Ties”

Carper has said he will oppose the nomination of Michael Dourson to the Environmental Protection Agency over his ties to industry, though Carper holds up to $685,000 in energy stock and received over $30,000 in campaign contributions so far this cycle from companies his committee has authority over.


“Dr. Dourson’s consistent endorsement of chemical safety standards that not only match industry’s views, but are also significantly less protective than EPA and other regulators have recommended, raises serious doubts about his ability to lead those efforts,” Carper said last month. “This is the first time anyone with such clear and extensive ties to the chemical industry has been picked to regulate that industry.”

Carper has his own ties to companies that his committee has jurisdiction over, according to his most recent financial disclosure. He and his wife own up to $100,000 in Dupont Energy stock, and up to $50,000 in stock with Icahn Enterprises, Duke Energy Corporation, Spectra Energy Corporation, General Electric, First Trust Energy Infrastructure, Dominion Resources, Inc., Marathon Petroleum Corporation, Energen Corporation, and the Chemours Company.


For the 2018 election cycle, Carper has received $32,700 in campaign contributions from the energy political action committees, according to the Federal Election Commission. Carper has received contributions between $1,000 and the maximum $2,500 from the BP Corporation North America PAC, the Dominion Energy PAC, the Energy Corporation PAC, Caterpillar Inc. Employee Political Action Committee, and others.

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