IRS Singled Out Pro-Border Security Groups

The Internal Revenue Service targeted pro-border security groups, a new report reveals.

The Washington Times has the scoop:

The IRS singled out pro-border security groups for intrusive scrutiny along with tea party, conservative, Occupy movement and progressive organizations, the tax agency’s inspector general said in a new audit Thursday that says political targeting went even deeper than first suspected.


They faced delays in having their nonprofit status applications approved. Many also were subjected to intrusive questions about their political beliefs, donor lists and even their activities at their regular jobs, the audit said.

The targeting wasn’t as severe as the tea party, with the number “significantly less” than the conservatives who faced scrutiny, investigators said.

Liberals continue to claim the IRS targeting scandal was simply some fairy tale made up by conservatives, but the fact remains that former IRS Commissioner under President Obama, Lois Lerner, ‘pleaded the 5th’ during her testimony on this very topic in front of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee back in 2013.