Dems Launch Sexist Attacks on Republican

Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik (NY) is one of the youngest members of Congress, but in her few short years representing her New York district, has proven herself a powerhouse – which might be why her potential Democratic challenger, Plattsburgh City School Board member Steve Krieg, rolled out the unabashed sexism for a panel discussion on politics.

Apparently, Krieg has called Stefanik a “little girl” before, and his fellow panelists wanted him to own up to his sexism. He did, but in a non-apology that saw him double down on his insult, calling Stefanik a “child,” and said she “thinks like a child,” which is basically worse.



Obviously, no one should assume that the feminists will fly to Stefanik’s defense and harangue Krieg for his overtly sexist language, as well as his entirely paternalistic image of the Republican Congresswoman. The man represents the party of the Women’s March, equal pay, and “respect for all women” – thus he is clearly unimpeachable when it comes to his support for feminism.

Stefanik is the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, but the problem is she got elected as a Republican, so her achievement fails to register as a milestone with the ostensibly pro-woman left. She’s merely a puppet on a string, forced to dance for the elder statesmen, who repackage their GOP talking points in the form of a twenty-something female for messaging…or something.


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