Pelosi Agrees Gun Control Is A Slippery Slope?

In which Nancy Pelosi undermines the best shot at a reasonable, bipartisan bill that would implement the first new gun regulation in quite some time, including the failed Toomey-Manchin effort.  With numerous Republicans talking up their openness to banning ‘bump stock’ mechanisms, including an initial green light from the Trump White House, the gun control lobby seems poised to tally a win.  Even the NRA is tentatively on board, although it’s unclear whether they’d favor an act of Congress, or merely executive regulations in furtherance of this policy.  The most prevalent arguments against a bump stock ban that I’ve encountered from big gun rights people on social media go something like this (via Stephen Gutowski):

Concern one: Rewarding ugly demagoguery with positive policy reinforcement.  Concern two: Surrendering on anything emboldens gun controllers to grab for more.  These are both understandable objections, but they strike me as insufficient reasons to oppose anti-bump stock legislation.  First, if it’s a good idea to do something, it should be done — even if some “bad” people who’ve said terrible things feel somewhat vindicated.  Compromises always require actions that will please some of the worst actors on “the other side.”  Second, the GOP has been steadfast in its opposition to new gun restrictions, even in the face of terrible atrocities that Democrats have sought to exploit for policy ends.  They also control the Congress.  As I argued earlier in the week, any bill that is written should be crafted narrowly and carefully, to foreclose abuse or over-application.  With all that said, in waltzes Nancy Pelosi to confirm every simmering fear of Second Amendment advocates who may be suspicious of this growing consensus:


Finally, one complaint I’ve heard from some pro-restriction liberals is that conservatives stoke unfounded fears about blanket “gun grabbing” bans and confiscation as scare tactics to oppose any and all modest regulations.  This is sometimes a fair gripe, but the problem is that while some lefties angrily object to right-wing ‘lies’ about Democrats wanting to ban guns, other lefties are angrily demanding that guns be banned.  And we’re not just talking about random Facebook rants either; we’re talking about prominent voicesmajor publications, and New York Times columnists.  Also, when people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton entertain or tout the “Australian model,” Second Amendment defenders have every reason to talk about confiscatory bans.  Because the Australian model was…a confiscatory ban.  Setting aside the minor issue of constitutionality, did it “work”?  Not really.  The hype is undercut by inconvenient facts like these:

But hey, the Aussies did something, so that probably felt good.

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