Will Trump Deliver The Death Blow To Obama’s Legacy?

President Trump has until Sunday, October 15, to decide whether to certify that it is in the national security interests of the United States to remain in the nuclear deal between world powers and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The president certified compliance in the Iran deal — although extremely reluctantly — before the first two 90-day deadlines, while venting that his advisers did not prepare him with an exit strategy in time. This time, however, media reports continue to indicate that the president is leaning strongly toward declaring Iran in violation of the deal.

Barack Obama’s signature foreign policy “achievement” has come under intense scrutiny. Since the Iran deal, Tehran has quadrupled financial support for its Hezbollah terrorist proxy organization and reinvigorated ties with Hamas and other Islamic terrorist groups. But the regime not only supports terrorist groups, it uses its own military to assert regional dominance. Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) is fighting on the ground to defend the Assad regime in Syria, and Iranian assets have essentially taken control over affairs in Iraq. Iran has reasserted itself as a regional menace, utilizing the nuclear deal as cover to widen its worldwide footprint.

Appeasement-minded organizations told us that the deal would change Iran’s behavior for the better. It most certainly did not. If anything, Iran has pursued an even more aggressive anti-U.S. posture. Every Friday, Iranian clerics continue to lead post-prayer chants of “death to America.” In June, the regime installed a countdown clock to Israel’s annihilation. The mullahs have boosted missile development programs, and the cash-flush nation has invested millions of dollars (in unfrozen assets secured from the nuclear deal) into advancing Tehran’s military endeavors. It’s fair to conclude that the Iran deal failed to live up to its objectives, and it provided the opportunity for Iran to reassert regional dominance, as many foreign policy experts predicted. And the deal as currently structured enables Iran to develop nuclear weapons entirely unchecked.

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