The Left Is Eating Itself

This is a leftover story from earlier in the month, which was largely overlooked in the hyper-drive news cycle.  It might as well bear the headline, “revolution eats its own.”  This chapter of the Campus Madness chronicles comes to us from William & Mary College in Virginia, where students affiliated with Black Lives Matter (BLM) interrupted a free speech event sponsored by the left-wing American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).  Reason’s Robby Soave describes the melee, which was so persistent in its disruption that the scheduled speech was eventually cancelled:

Students took to the stage just a few moments after [W&M alum and ACLU official Claire] Gastañaga began her remarks. At first, she attempted to spin the demonstration as a welcome example of the kind of thing she had come to campus to discuss, commenting “Good, I like this,” as they lined up and raised their signs. “I’m going to talk to you about knowing your rights, and protests and demonstrations, which this illustrates very well. Then I’m going to respond to questions from the moderators, and then questions from the audience.”  It was the last remark she was able to make before protesters drowned her out with cries of, “ACLU, you protect Hitler, too.” They also chanted, “the oppressed are not impressed,” “shame, shame, shame, shame,” (an ode to the Faith Militant’s treatment of Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones, though why anyone would want to be associated with the religious fanatics in that particular conflict is beyond me), “blood on your hands,” “the revolution will not uphold the Constitution,” and, uh, “liberalism is white supremacy.

This went on for nearly 20 minutes. Eventually, according to the campus’s Flat Hat News, one of the college’s co-organizers of the event handed a microphone to the protest’s leader, who delivered a prepared statement. The disruption was apparently payback for the ACLU’s principled First Amendment defense of the Charlottesville alt-right’s civil liberties. Organizers then canceled the event; some members of the audience approached the podium in an attempt to speak with Gastañaga, but the protesters would not permit it. They surrounded Gastañaga, raised their voices even louder, and drove everybody else away.


“Unacceptable.” Does that word mean that there will be sanctions for the violators?  Or is this just another administration going through the motions of feigning interest founding principles, without taking the risk of inflaming a noisy ‘victim group’?  Via Legal Insurrection, here are some video lowlights, including the disruptors repeating the Orwellian and constitutionally-illiterate refrain, “hate speech is violence:”


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