Former NFL Player Says “Marxist” Leftists Dividing Country

A black NFL veteran is speaking out against the “Marxist” Left for seeking to divide Americans with racial politics in the pursuit of power.

Behind the scenes of the recent NFL protests are years of liberal indoctrination in the culture, former New York Jets player Burgess Owens told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto. “You have a lot of good-hearted young men who really believe they’re right because they’ve never been trained to do anything else,” Owens said.

He believes the young black men in the NFL who are protesting the anthem do so because they’ve been taught to hate white America by exploitive liberal Democrats using racial divisions to win elections.

Owens, 66, recounted how when he was growing up, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights activists were “not only fighting institutional racism, but also the stereotypes of the Democratic Party of being lazy, irresponsible, ‘all we could do was sing, dance, and entertain.’”

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