[VIDEO] Puerto Rican Aid Found In Dumpster

In light of the outcry from one particularly vocal Democratic mayor in Puerto Rico about relief efforts after Hurricane Maria, a video is quickly making its way across the internet purportedly showing what happened to many of the supplies sent to help the locals who were devastated by the storm.

The video’s description reads, “Fully packed meals in Trash Dumpster in Patilla, P.R. and Starvation still in effect in most of the island”:

The video shows a man shocked to find what looks like a shipping container-sized bin filled with box after box of unopened meals that have been discarded. When the camera pans, you can see a semi-truck trailer right behind the dumpster, which raises the question, “Did those supplies go straight from the truck to the trash?”

It turns out the man in the dumpster happens to be the Secretary of State of Puerto Rico, Luis Rivera Marin, who then spoke to CBS News Correspondent David Begnaud about what he found:

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