Al Qaeda Operative Suing Over Rights Violation In Prison

An al Qaeda operative who was convicted of trying to blow up a Detroit-bound plane with a bomb sewed into his underwear has filed a lawsuit against Attorney General Jeff Sessions and others, alleging his constitutional rights are being violated at a supermax federal prison in Colorado.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, better known as the Underwear Bomber, claims he is being held in long-term solitary confinement, forced to eat foods against his religion, prohibited from communicating with relatives, and subjected to anti-Muslim harassment from white supremacist inmates, the Detroit Free Press reported Sunday.

On Christmas Day 2009, Abdulmutallab attempted to use an explosive device on a commercial airliner. He received burns to his genitals and legs as passengers and crew members overcame him as he tried to detonate a bomb on a flight with more than 300 people on it.

Abdulmutallab, a Nigerian native, has described himself as a member of al Qaeda and pleaded guiltyto eight federal crimes, including conspiracy to commit an act of terrorism, in 2011. The following year he was sentenced to four consecutive life sentences in Florence, Colo., the highest-security prison in the country.

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