BREAKING: Here’s What Trump’s Border Will Look Like

Companies vying for the final contract to build President Donald Trump’s border wall are undergoing a “dress rehearsal” in the California desert this week.

Eight companies who made it through the first round of the US Customs and Border Protection Office’s vetting process have to build their own replica border walls by October 26 in order to make it to the final round of bidding. So far at least five companies are well on their way to completing their “small wall,” on the border between San Diego, California and Tijuana, Mexico.

The Arizona Central got a sneak peek at the eight tiny walls, two of which are being built by Arizona companies (all of the competitors had to agree to do most of their manufacturing and goods-sourcing from within the United States’ borders, and verify that their builders were American citizens). All eight involve reinforced concrete, but some companies were more creative than others.

All of the border walls must be at least thirty feet high, and extend into the ground for stability. According to the original call for bids, the walls must “make a statement” to possible border-crossers, but also be “visually appealing” to anyone who lives on the US side of the wall. Imposing, but pretty.


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