Divider In Chief: Obama’s Hypocritical Speech

Late last week, the political media’s collective heart was aflutter, as former President Barack Obama re-entered the electoral fray by addressing a rally for Virginia Democrats’ floundering gubernatorial candidate, Ralph Northam.  Self-referential as ever, Obama noted his relative absence from our national politics over the past eight months; this only rings true if you’re willing to pretend that he hasn’t issued sundry public pronouncements blasting his successor and Republicans generally on issues ranging from the travel ban (“systemic discrimination”), to healthcare (“meanness at the core”), to immigration (“self-defeating” and “cruel”):

More high-minded, self-congratulatory claptrap from Captain Hope ‘n Change, who’s clearly banking on his hallelujah chorus to cheer everything he says, as most journalists nod along like bobblehead dolls:


(1) Obama’s (successful) re-election campaign ran ads against Mitt Romney featuring explicitly “otherizing” messaging, telling voters in Ohio that the Republican nominee wasn’t “one of us.”  The media’s ‘dog whistle’  pearl-clutching if the GOP had said the same of Obama would have been a sight to behold (here’s a small taste).  Obama’s SuperPAC — which was formed after he opined that SuperPACs were a “threat to our democracy” — basically (and falsely) accused a cruel, heartless Romney killing a woman with cancer.  Simply put, Team Obama were mud-slingers extraordinaire:

(2) In demagoguing Paul Ryan’s efforts to bring federal spending under control and reining in a long-term, entitlement-driven debt crisis, Obama torched a field of straw men, suggesting the Wisconsin Republican was promoting pollution and worker abuse.  His party also endlessly lied about Ryan’s proposals, wrongly fear-mongering that it would devastate senior citizens, tearing through nursing homes “like a tornado.”

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