Anti-Trump Voters Are Planning a Massive Tantrum

For some people, 2016 hasn’t ended. And no—I’m not talking about the liberal media. Donald Trump’s 2016 victory over Hillary Clinton was one of the biggest (if not, the biggest) political upsets in history. For the most part, the rest of the country has moved on, though the cohorts on the Left continue to throw tantrums. Every now and then, when Trump decides to sign executive orders to roll back Obama-era regulations, it surely rehashes the stinging defeat Democrats suffered at the hands of Trump and the Republicans. Now, we potentially have their biggest tantrum since the election with a proposed scream fest in Boston on the anniversary of Trump’s win. Yes, I know the protests have probably garnered higher turnout, but this is a full-blown s**t fit. They’re yelling at the sky (via Newsweek):


The upcoming Boston scream party is a departure from taking action against the administration and its agenda. Instead, Americans will be provided the unique opportunity to vent their rage by shouting at the darkening skies above, all the while expecting nothing in return.


What a bunch of morons. Seriously—the election is over. Normal people have moved on and this won’t change anything. Conservatives never held ‘scream at the sky’ events when Obama was elected or re-elected. And from prior protests, it’ll mostly be filled with well-to-do white liberals who can afford to take some time off of work to throw a tantrum. In Washington, D.C., the mecca of anti-Trump activism, it’s just that.

So, have fun white Boston liberals screaming your hearts out. No one can hear you. Nobody cares; nothing will come of this.

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