CNN Host Goes Full Bananas On Air

CNN partisan hack Chris Cillizza’s blatant Democratic stooging reared its ugly head again on Tuesday when he penned a “facts last,” hyper partisan, and purely subjective article that claimed Congressional Republicans opened House Intelligence Committee and House Oversight Committee investigations into Democratic malfeasance as an insipid distraction from the follies and controversies surrounding President Trump.

“What Congressional Republicans are trying to do” says Cillizza, “is two-fold: 1) Change the subject from Trump and Russia, Trump and his fights with his own party, his constant tweeting etc. and b) do some service for their base.”

He insists that the investigations have been timed with specific intent: “it is not a coincidence that these two probes were announced on the same day — and amid Trump’s ongoing circular firing squad routine. There are NO coincidences in politics.”


The truth is that CNN and the leftist media are doing exactly what Cillizza accuses Congressional Republicans of doing, only in reverse. They continue to focus all of their coverage on President Trump because his day-to-day shenanigans are just newsworthy enough to keep undesirable, narrative-damaging information out of the mainstream press. Don’t fall for it; it’s a ploy. This is just CNN’s latest attempt at telling the world that apples are really bananas.

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