Corey Feldman To Expose Hollywood Pedophile Ring

Former child star Corey Feldman, one of the most prominent whistleblowers on Hollywood’s alleged pedophile ring, has vowed to dedicate himself to exposing that pedophile ring.

The fallout of the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal has sparked a conversation like never before on Hollywood’s sexually depraved culture, including pedophilia, which some say is rampant in the industry. Though Feldman, who began speaking out on Hollywood pedophilia in 2011, has led the charge, other former child actors, from America Ferrera to Elijah Wood, have confirmed the practice does exist in Tinseltown.

Since The New York Times reported allegations against Weinstein, more and more women (and men) have felt compelled to come forward with accusations against Hollywood’s sexual predators. As of now, four Amazon Studios executives, a Hollywood agent, and director James Toback have all been met with serious allegations.

While the exposure of specific predators is certainly a step in the right direction, the overarching story involves the industry’s complicity in the sexual abuse and how far up it goes. Are studio heads involved? Did major players know and do nothing? All questions that the public must have answered if Hollywood ever hopes to restore credibility and goodwill.

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