Dem Donor Reveals NYC Mayor Corruption

A past campaign donor to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D.) testified Thursday that he and his businessmen friends were major players in political corruption.


Rechnitz said he told a de Blasio’s fundraiser, Ross Offinger, that “we’re going to become significant contributors, but we want access,” after de Blasio clinched the Democratic nomination for mayor in 2013.

De Blasio said last year he was not “particularly close” to Rechnitz, however, it came out in the testimony that Rechnitz was paid to visit de Blasio’s office and was given his private cell phone number and email address.

The two talked “at least” once a week about “different issues in the city” after the initial meeting, and the businessman began funneling money, which summated to about $160,000, to de Blasio’s campaign and related political projects.

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