Social Justice Warriors Are Out for Halloween

It’s Halloween and the Social Justice Warriors are out in full force, ready to condemn even the slightest hint of temporary culture adoption, i.e. cultural appropriation. But where do we draw the line? As a white woman, if I wear any Halloween costume that has ever been donned by or originated from a person of a different ethnic, racial or cultural background, I have sinned in the eyes of SJW’s. But make no mistake, this is not a multi-way street. The outrage only emerges when the perpetrator is white. Let’s say Beyonce decided to dress up as Amelia Earhart for Halloween. I don’t doubt one bit that the media would either be silent, or praise her, comparing her to the heroism and intrepid determination of Earhart….because flailing around on stage in next-to-nothing with 90% backing tracks is heroic, right? Right.

But again, I ask, where is the line? At what point will these SJW’s realize that they are actually hurting cultures by condemning the sharing and appreciation of said culture?

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