Liberal Universities’ Latest Waste of Tuition Money

Universities across the country are doling out thousands of dollars a year for diversity peer leadership initiatives that recruit select students to run social justice, inclusion, and multicultural programming.

The University Counseling Center at Grand Valley State University has hired five students to work a minimum of 50 hours per semester to “engage in responsible dialogue and action around multiculturalism and social justice,” as well as offer mental health and “holistic wellness” education. Students will net $700 at the end of their year-long commitment.


At Texas Tech University, student “Social Justice Advocates” can be paid by university housing a starting salary of $8.00 an hour, for 18-and-a-half to 20 hour workweeks spent “promoting advancement and development of diversity, multiculturalism, social identity development and social justice” in their residences. Students could make $2,400 in one 15-week semester.


Diversity programming is saturated in funds beyond student initiatives, with administrators of these departments receiving average salaries of $175,088, according to a Campus Reform report.

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