Rand Paul’s Attacker To Face Federal Charges

Rene Boucher, the man who attacked Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and broke six of his ribs, may be facing federal charges. According to Fox New’s Shepard Smith, sources in Paul’s office have been told to expect federal charges shortly. This means that Boucher’s attack was politically motivated and was not the result of a “landscaping dispute.” Boucher is Paul’s next-door neighbor.


This is pretty crazy if it’s true. Since the New York Times first reported the “landscaping dispute” angle, his neighbors have come forward to say that Paul has been a pretty decent neighbor and that those allegations were incorrect.  Boucher’s lawyer issued a statement saying the attack was over a “trivial” manner and not over politics.

Paul himself has done some pretty sneaky subtweets, and tweeted links to two articles stating that the attack was likely politically motivated.

If Paul were attacked by Boucher due to his political beliefs, that’s a federal crime–so it makes sense as to why his lawyer would initially try to downplay any political component to the assault.

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  1. Here’s wishing this Boucher wimp has a VERY Merry Christmas for the next 10-to-40 in a nice, cozy federal penitentiary … ASSigned to the “Trump block.” Maybe they’ll throw in a taste of his “own medicine” – anesthesia with a bat.

  2. Only a crazy person would have believed for a single minute that the attack was over landscaping. Of course, it was politically motivated and I hope they jail Rene Boucher.

  3. The article says, “Boucher’s lawyer issued a statement saying the attack was over a “trivial” manner and not over politics.” Let no one be mis-directed by the defense attorney about the REAL issue here. It is not whether the named cause was “trivial.” The issue is that the EVENT was not “trivial.” The event was an unprovoked, vicious attack on someone. Boucher, you belong in jail for your violent attack. Period. Loss of Medical License, too, for felonious aggression.

  4. So it’s not so bad if you bust a guy up “only” over a “lesser” difference of opinion that politics? Do ribs take less time to heal when they’re broken for non-political reasons?

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