Dem Tries To Stop Sex Trafficking Bill

Sen. Ron Wyden (D., Ore.) is trying to put the brakes on a bipartisan anti-sex trafficking bill that is picking up steam and appears headed for all but certain Senate passage early next year.

The bill, which the Commerce Committee unanimously passed this week, would allow families of victims of sex-trafficking, as well as states, to sue websites like Backpage, a Craigslist competitor, that allow advertisements selling sex with minors to be posted.

Wyden on Wednesday issued a hold on the measure, arguing that it could harm start-up Internet companies, the tech economy, and innovators.

The Oregon Democrat helped write the 1996 Communications Decency Act, a provision of which the measure would alter. He also has authored legislation aimed at curbing sex-trafficking.

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  1. In no way surprises me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at the scam they are pulling on Roy Moore. How come the women in Clintons rape and abuse scandal had to be ruined and now the woman 40 YEARS AGO in the Moore case are SAINTS, and always to believed. I am a woman and I don’t believe them…what I DO BELIEVE, is the Dems are hideous , cruel, filled with hatred and will sop at nothing to get their way. There is only one problem..GOD SEES AND HAS SEEN. GET READY for what goes around is about to come around.

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