Dems Flock To Defense Of Fondling Franken

Vivian Copeland, who proudly notes on her twitter feed she is a #nastywoman, proved that moniker to be entirely accurate as she tweeted that Tweeden appearing clothed on TV when she accused Franken of sexual harassment was “quite the transformation.” Desperate to save Franken, Copeland wrote, “Leeann Tweeden as she appeared on TV to accuse @alfranken and her nude centerfold from Playboy. Quite the transformation. I don’t care what party a person belongs to. Perverts need to be held accountable but false accusations aren’t cool, either.”

Copeland also issued another tweet, sniping, “Hardly the bespectacled frump she portrayed on TV today. She’s a Playboy Playmate, a gun fanatic and a tRump supporter. You decide.”

It shouldn’t be surprising that Copeland is defending Franken so strenuously that she resorts to slut shaming; Copeland’s unhinged brand of leftist hatred for the GOP and President Trump is obvious:

Hilariously, Copeland has no problem accusing others of being partisan:

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