9th Circuit Court Demands Trump Answer To The Them


“Put bluntly, the notion that the head of a United States agency would decide to terminate a program giving legal protections to roughly 800,000 people based solely on 256 pages of publicly available documents is not credible, as the district court concluded,” wrote Judges Kim Wardlaw and Ronald Gould, two Clinton appointees.

This is not a joke. We now have judges saying that not only can a president steal the nation’s sovereignty and grant illegal aliens affirmative benefits, but that a subsequent president must submit enough information to the courts before getting rid of the lawless program!

Imagine if a president granted Americans — not just illegal aliens — tax amnesty on the first $200,000 of their earnings. Could you envision a court forcing the new president to retain the illegal program or demand disclosure of the president’s private information? Then again, illegal aliens and their powerful lobbies rule the roost, while Americans are left paying for the tab as strangers in our own land.

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