Trump Proven Right On UK Terror

On Wednesday, Trump re-tweeted three videos — one of which was reportedly not accurate — from a right-wing group in the U.K. that prompted left-leaning British politicians to strongly condemn Trump’s actions. Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokesperson said they “reject” the videos that Trump shared from the right-wing group Britain First because they are “the antithesis of the values this country represents, decency, tolerance and respect.”

Trump responded to May’s remarks by telling her that she needed to focus on her Islamic terrorism problem.


In late August, Europe’s top anti-terrorism expert, Giles de Kerchove, said that “the U.K. is home to an estimated 35,000 Islamic extremists — more than any other country in Europe.”

The terrorism threat in the U.K. is so severe that Kerchove said there are approximately 500 Islamic extremists that are under “constant and special attention” from MI5, the U.K.’s domestic counter-intelligence and security agency.

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