VIDEO: Israel’s PM Slams Iran Over Poor Sportsmanship

On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a video in which he brilliantly exposed how Iran’s hostility toward Israel and the consequent damage it does to its own people was never more clearly demonstrated than the shattered dreams of an Iranian wrestler.


Then, Netanyahu offered a wonderful suggestion:

So I have an idea. This is an idea that will honor and inspire future Alirezas by promoting exactly the kind of coexistence and tolerance that Iran tries so hard to stamp out. I want you to film yourself playing a sport against someone of a different nationality, a different faith or different color. I want you to compete like hell — we’re all for competition. Then I want you to shake hands, go out for a drink together, and then upload this to the social media. I want you to show Iran’s regime that hating others will never make you a champion. It only makes you a pathetic and insecure loser.

Winners aren’t afraid to show tolerance and respect. Alireza, I want you to know that the tyrants who made you take a fall will fall themselves. A regime that crushes the creative and competitive spirits of its people — that regime is doomed.



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