ABC Issues Another Correction Over Russia Fabrication

It’s not a great week to be on the Russia beat at ABC News. Brian Ross was suspended from the network for his shoddy report declaring that candidate Donald Trump had instructed former national security advisor Michael Flynn to contact the Russians. It turns out it was president-elect Trump who had given Flynn those orders – not exactly a bombshell. ABC corrected its report, but not before The View’s Joy Behar ran with the original tale on her program.

Soon after that debacle, the network got a key component of another Russia-related story wrong. The outlet published a report Monday that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort had worked with a Russia intelligence-connected official as late as last week.

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team is rejecting Paul Manafort’s request to modify his terms of his confinement, because, in an explosive allegation, it says “as late as November 30, 2017, Manafort and a colleague were ghostwriting an editorial in English regarding his political work for Ukraine.”


Moments later, ABC issued a correction noting that it wasn’t an official.

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