Bombshell Destroys Muller Team

The revelation that Special Counsel Robert Mueller kept secret that a top FBI investigator overseeing the Russia investigation exchanged anti-Trump text messages with an FBI attorney has fueled questions about Mueller’s credibility and his ability to oversee an impartial investigation.

Peter Strzok, the anti-Trump agent, is reported to be the official who first signed the FBI’s Russia investigation into existence and interviewed Michael Flynn. Strzok was also reportedly the one who softened former FBI Director James Comey’s language referring to Hillary Clinton’s email investigation. (BOMBSHELL: Top Clinton Aides Face No Charges After Making False Statements To FBI)

In an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton told the Daily Caller co-founder that “both [the Clinton and Russia] investigations in my view have been irredeemably compromised.” (RELATED: Anti-Trump Text Messages Show Pattern Of Bias On Mueller’s Team)

“The Clinton investigation needs to be reopened and the Mueller investigation needs to be shut down until we figure out how badly it’s been politicized,” Fitton said.

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  1. The ecstatic hoopla by Democrats and the liberal media surrounding Lt.Gen. Flynn’s plea of guilty of lying to the FBI, is too early, too gleeful and really, too devoid of connection as to have much meaning to the Left’s real aim of bringing down the Trump administration. Flynn’s dilemma is a side story that will not affect Donald Trump. The media’s quiver is empty of poison arrows.

    The Washington Post, as far back as January of this year, reported the FBI’s investigation of Gen. Flynn for suspected collusion with the Russians, revealed no evidence of collusion, treason or any other form of skulduggery. Flynn wasn’t the FBI’s target, the Russian Diplomat he was speaking to was and there are FISA rules that govern Americans 4th amendment rights when speaking to foreigners.

    General Flynn, it must be remembered, was a National Security Advisor in Barak Obama’s administration. It was Gen. Flynn who argued against Obama’s characterization of Islam as a peaceful religion and stood by his assessments that Islam was in fact, a dangerous terrorist threat to the US, no matter what name they called themselves. Obama hated him but did not fire him. It was Donald Trump who fired him because Flynn lied to Vice Pres. Pence. It’s as easy to understand as that.

    In the few days that Gen. Flynn did act as President Trumps security advisor, before Trumps inauguration, any contact Flynn had with any foreign country, Russia included, was totally necessary and lawful. That’s what the FBI found and the Washington Post reported last January.
    But, Gen. Flynn is apparently a liar and got fired for it. Whatever he said to FBI investigators that was untrue, could not have had anything to do with the Trump administrations post election contacts with the Russians.

    So, why the media’s jubilation? They hope something, if it’s screamed out loud enough and often enough, will become true. News is hard to report on when Trump sets the agenda every morning with his “tweets.” The only other prevailing story they can possibly write about is the acquittal of Kate Steinle’s murderer by a jury in the Renegade city of San Francisco, a story they would rather forget because it reveals the real sickness of the Liberal, Progressive’s agenda.

    Trump will never be associated with the crimes like are now being revealed against Loretta Lynch and her supposedly clandestine meeting with Bill Clinton in Arizona or, the Clinton’s money laundering foundation, that are all ripe for the pickings. The Fast and Furious gun running operation Eric Holder scammed us with, is a crime waiting to be adjudicated. Dead Americans were the result of Holders action, not to mention the hundreds of Mexican citizens murdered at the Cartels hands with his stolen firearms. That’s nearly as bad as Benghazi and Hillary’s plotted overthrow of Gadaffie that left Libya in ISIS hands; or, the smuggling of arms to ISIS in Iraq and the “rules of engagement” that all but neutralized our troops on the battle field.

    There is yet to be investigate by a Grand Jury, the DNC and Clinton Campaign’s role into the fake “GPS Fusion Report” that triggered a CI Investigation sending Mueller off on his search and destroy mission. Flynn’s a side story, the Democrat Party is where the real felons lurk and they’re ripe for prosecution. First, the FBI and DoJ must be purged of its Progressive thinkers, its Obama holdovers and its leakers of inside information. When that happens, the real story’s will come out and there can’t be enough paper or ink to record ‘em all.
    Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (03Dec17)

      • Personally I doubt the entire FBI is in the swamp. Only the top who are the political part of all govt agencies are swamp rats. And of course some CS employees with ambitions to get promoted and/or raises would be vulnerable to political pressure to “cook the books” what ever that might mean in a govt agency. My guess is the fed govt took a turn to the dark side, PC as the driving force, not the rule of law, in the Clinton admin? And O has been the master of deceit. Learned likely in the global source of deceit, Islam. Wars end, some even by defeat of the enemy like WWII, the Civil War. But most end by political compromise while of course politics never ends since it is the law of the jungle for humans. Politics started back in the Garden when A and E had only 1 “commandment” to follow and instead wanted more. But ended up with less! To me a lingering, unanswerable question is: Was the election of Trump our Exodus from PC govt collusion created by our elected officials over the past many decades? God’s inspiration to keep the govt made in His image? Three branches, instead of Three Persons in the Blessed Trinity? Which He Created, or inspired in 1776. We as a nation as well as individuals are on a journey. But do seem to be on a better way to a better life for American citizens and a better govt for the people. Not for the govt, not for the bankers, and definitely not for the party or the president’s ego.

        • WOW you hit the nail on the head with the Trinity thing….I did NOT realize how divinaly the gov’t was set up..Ovomit committed so MANY Crimes along with Hildebeast. It seems they are above the law or someone or some entity is protecting her and Ovomit. Very sad and frustrating when the Dems protect the criminals.

      • We knew this was a Scam From the Start More then Half of Mueller’s Team Are Hillary Supporters, And Donated to Her, Mueller himself when he was the FBI Director allowed some how 20% of our Uranium to pass into the hands of the Russians While the Company who Attained the Uranium Donated Millions to the Clinton Foundations and Bill Clinton Received the Most Ever from Russia for his Speaking in Russia 500,000 Hillary was the Secretary of State and Approved the Sale along with others? If that that does not stink of Corruption Nothing Does. First we don’t Have enough of our own Uranium for our Own Needs, Not Then Not even Now? Second this Uranium was Never to leave our Country But it Did and it’s Gone? If anything like this Happened with Trump The Liberals and The Lying Democrats would want him Dead and all people involved in Jail forever. One 5th of our Country’s Uranium is not in our Hands anymore and most Likely in our Enemy’s Hand and we have no Investigation as to why????????????? Where is the Outrage??????

        • In this generation, outrage exists only if big media express it. We can caterwaul over here in the backwater forums all day but nobody hears our outrage.

          • So true, why Conservatives like us go and protest next to all the buildings of the fake news MSM? they R not journalist, they a bunch of corrupt activists, we should try to shut them down!

        • And don’t think for a second that ole horse face Mueller didn’t know they were corrupt, he just didn’t think it would come out.

  2. Our once impeccable FBI is politically corrupt and biased to the left. We should dismantle and purge and jail these reprobates

  3. Why is Mueller still handling this waste of taxpayers money–this group are not searching for the truth they are writing their own script –the goal to oust President Trump by hook. .lies, and crook

  4. The sins of Robert Mueller and all HIS associates at the FBI are so egregious as to be beyond understandable description. Someday a writer, much more talented then myself, will create a book so vast with information still hidden that it will run to hundreds of pages. The whole “investigation” being perpetrated upon the American Tax Paying Public is so full of holes that it resembles a piece of Swiss Cheese. I would like to see Mueller and all his cohorts, from both the Trump Administration and the Obama Adminstrationside be side by side with all the other crooks incarcerated in the nastiest penitentiary we have in America. May they all eventually rot in the hell they have created for the rest of us. Every time I see the image of one of these sanctimonious SOBs displayed on TV I could vomit. Were it permissible I would gladly put all their lights out with an ungloved hand and let the resultant bloody knuckles be damned. Too bad at 83 such action(s) are beyond my capability.

    • They have spent close to 7 million dollars of taxpayer money investigating collusion with the Russians when they know it did not even happen. Where is the accountability for that money being spent. I would have to guess that all the investigators are splitting the spoils of this fake investigation.The FBI is totally corrupt at the top and Comey and Mueller have to be incarcerated immediately. Where is Jeff Sessions. He has to get some balls and get these criminals indicted or be replaced by someone like Rudy Guliani who would have had this investigation stopped long before this.

  5. Hell’s too good for them!!! They’d talk their way out of the DEVIL HIMSELF!!! They need to be in a prison, chained to the wall, and only fed what the rest of the prisoners are. They should not be allowed any visitors, newspaper people, publishers or any other persons. Perhaps their Daughter ONCE A MONTH – NO MORE! If they have medical needs, they should be put in a holding cell for the most dangerous persons on earth. Medicines should be given AFTER inspection by the Warden of the Prison. They should never be allowed any privileges such as reading books, newspapers or any type of publication. Mail should be edited and blacked out by the Warden of the prison. NO PRIVILEDGES WHATSOEVER for LIFE!

  6. The left wing media is not going to let much of this out.
    They are going to shift the focus of things so that the average person does not know that Muller led a witch hunt.
    Back in another time, power abusing men used to stage military coups to take control.
    Now, all they have to do is to seize the media and everybody will think that our mediocracy is working.
    It is like a pretend government where the media selects the facts for us to see.
    Hitlers man, Gebbles would be proud of us.
    I don’t trust these men behind the curtain whom I did not elect.

  7. YEH you are all getting the picture. When you hear MSM lie, day in and day out, and when you talk to liberal democrats and they believe it all, you wonder if there can be any hope for our Republic. Praise God there is hope for our Republic and our freedom in this great country.

  8. That’s nearly as bad as Benghazi and Hillary’s plotted overthrow of Gadaffie that left Libya in ISIS hands; or, the smuggling of arms to ISIS in Iraq and the “rules of engagement” that all but neutralized our troops on the battle field.

    Obama said he bombed Libya because the Arab League asked him to do so. This was just one of several instances where our military was used as mercenaries to do Islam’s dirty work? Starting with Kosovo, then the invasion of Iran, the assassination of obl and the bombing of Libya. And gun running through Libya to defeat the guy in Syria. Who as far as I know has never done anything to or for us? This is pure speculation on my part. And where was Obama when Benghazi went down. He, not HRC, was the C in C and the SOS surely has no authority to order military actions of any kind? Compared to possible sordid events regarding islam any police brutality accusations of the police are kinder garden crime.

  9. Now areest tge treasonist bastards! Enough is enough. It all covering their own crimes and deflecting prosecution. Arrest them and take our Law Enforcement back from these One World Order, George Soros, brown nosing criminals! Supeona their bank accounts!

  10. I found out, maybe we all found out that in the current election campaign that the DC parties have been spending lot’s of money to elect their favs to keep the establishment intact. Have they been doing this since 1913 when the financial coup took place and Congress gave away control of the amount of money in circulation to the “banker” owners of the fed res? Actually the fed res levies a “tax” on the govt. It is called interest on the national debt. The tax is paid by money collected from taxpayers. Just handed over to the bankers with no strings attached. This tax amounts to 10s of billions per year? No one ever has ever asked the net worth of the owners of the fed res. Probably they are all trillionairs?

  11. This is scum at its purest level. All the little obama boys and girls got together with the clinton lovers and decided that they would take over the Nation not by election but by internal means. Everyone one of them must be charged and their cases placed before a Federal Grand Jury an lets see what happens. It is getting to the point where if the government its self does not do anything to bring all these criminals to justice the people must arise and take the solution to the streets, even if it means an armed insurrection to over throw the crooked politicians and their subversive hidden government. I am more than willing to take my ass in my wheelchair up to DC to stand with the people when they feel the need to act. Justice is for everyone and everyone must be just or removed from society by what ever means is necessary.

  12. Russian Ruse is a Dem ruse, staged by the Dems to ruin Trump, Trump is Muellers goal,
    Trump pardons say Flynn, No Probe, No reason to be.
    Or some other maneuver to shut this scam down.
    Come on Sessions: Probe Hillary some & name names & Prosecute these damn Dems.
    Cut theyre pensions in 1/2 alone can save money

  13. The demoRATS just keep digging a deeper hole on a daily basis. The demoRATS are the swamp with a mixture of Rino republicans. These traitors to our country need to be imprisoned with out being allowed a Presidential pardon. What a disgrace these people are to our country and our real citizens. Go President Trump, Drain The Swamp!

  14. Mueller is corrupt and his whole sham of an “investigation” has spent 7 million dollars of taxpayer dollars and found exactly what there is to find, NOTHING! We must put a stop to this before they fabricate evidence.

  15. Some of these Imbeciles need to quit using that Stupid Word ” Impartial ” . There is not now and never has been anything , IMPARTIAL , in Mueller’s Investigation of President Trump. Mueller can call it whatever he wants, and he will always be a liar, but ” His Investigation ” will always be looked at as an Attempt to REMOVE President Trump from Office and/or derail President Trumps Presidential Agenda to, reform or return , our United States Government back to the ” Democracy State ” it was before Obama was Elected Illegally to the Presidential Office. Mueller needs to resign immediately and all funds he and his Democratic Lawyer Group Wasted and Spent on this Investigative Farce , returned to the United States Treasury Dept. TSgt., USAF Analyst Retired.

  16. Then … why TF isn’t something being done to go after, accuse and indite “”All”” the “”””Lying Crooked Bastards”””” as in starting at the TOP: Obama, Hillary, Holder, Mueller, Comey, Clapper, Lynch and Others within that Circle of Demons!!!!!!!!!!


    “””””GETTER DONE”””””….. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    DON’T YA THINK??????????

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