Sexual Predator Endorses Son Following Resignation Announcement

Embattled Democratic Rep. John Conyers (Mich.) endorsed his son to run for his seat after announcing Tuesday that he is retiring from office amid multiple allegations of sexual misconduct from former staffers.

Conyers made the announcement during a phone interview with a local radio station’s “Mildred Gaddis Show” on Tuesday morning from a Detroit hospital bed.

Gaddis said that even Conyers’ critics could not doubt his legacy was phenomenal and asked whether the multiple allegations would impact the congressman’s legacy of being a civil rights icon and supporting the Violence Against Women Act.

“Oh, absolutely not. My legacy can’t be compromised or diminished in any way by what we’re going through now,” Conyers said. “This, too, shall pass. I want you to know that my legacy will through my children.”

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  1. His legacy is destroyed.He seems to think there’s no accountability for his vile actions . Ask Pete Rose what even one bad thing can do to a lifetime of achievements .And this guys worse than Oete ever had time to be .The cyclist Armstrong and neither one of those guys come up to the level this idiot has .No the only legacy he deserves is jail . Better yet turn him over to his victims .And he has the audacity to even think he has the right to request his son as his replacement .Thats like trading Sharpton for Jessie Jackson !

  2. I am totally outraged by the actions of our Congress in allowing this scum bag to resign rather than make him face the charges against him. Allowing him to resign and leave without answering to the charges is just out right Congress saying that what he did was ok and no big deal and to avoid the scandal they would let him resign. Congress ahs proven that they cannot be trusted and something must be done to correct this now not later. We are actually trusting these men with our lives and they allow this crap to go on and do nothing about it.Everyone must contact their Congressman and demand a though investigation of the Conyers accusations and let the public know what was discovered and done to him about it. Congress cannot accept his resignation.

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