Planned Parenthood Compares Abortion To What?

What’s the difference between an abortion and a miscarriage? For starters, one kills a child as a freak accident of nature while the other kills a child as a freak accident of human agency. The differences between the two are about as stark as that between dying of natural causes and dying because the Manson family strolled into town.

Abortion conglomerate Planned Parenthood seems to have trouble grasping that logical axiom, as they see no difference whatsoever.

Over the weekend, pro-abortion writer Danielle Campoamor penned a column for Romperabout her most recent miscarriage and how, despite the pain and grief, she still thinks abortion is no different. Planned Parenthood later went on to tweet her article.

Unfortunately for Campoamor, not even the pains of three miscarriages have convinced her that a child worthy of the right to live resides inside of her. “I’m miscarrying right now, and it’s only strengthening my beliefs about abortion,” she said in her article.

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