Saying Merry Christmas Is White Nationalism?

President Donald Trump’s campaign to bring back “Merry Christmas” is a dog whistle to white nationalists and a closet method of promoting racial supremacy akin to Hitler’s own, several college professors claimed to Newsweek, which did an entire “investigative report” on the “pressing issue.”

The piece, entitled “How Trump And The Nazis Stole Christmas To Promote White Nationalism,” claims that Trump’s recent push to ban political correctness where the Christmas holiday is merely a marketing ploy to conservative Christians who dabble in neo-Nazism, and who are eager to “to define America as a country for white Christians alone.”

The article claims that, previous to Trump’s administration, there had been no sign of a “War on Christmas,” despite years of litigation to remove nativity scenes from public land, a corporate push to re-brand the Christmas rush as the “holiday season,” and a general encroachment of consumerism on what was once a fully religious holiday.

Now, you can certainly argue, quite fairly, that the “War on Christmas” is somewhat overblown, and that Trump’s rhetoric is designed to market his agenda to a certain brand of religious Republican, and that his speeches lack a nuanced understanding of just how the religious holiday of Christmas has faded into the background in an increasingly secular world.

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