CNN Goes On Wild Conspiracy Rampage Over parked Car

CNN is onto a big story, the biggest of the year — bigger even than the Trump-Russia collusion scandal. OK, that story went nowhere, but it could have been huge. But this one, hoo boy, this one — it’s massive.

Someone has parked a truck in a gap in the trees alongside the golf course President Trump frequents in Palm Beach, Florida, blocking the media’s view (provided they shimmy through the bushes, like CNN did, to catch a glimpse of the golfing president).


The Watergate-sized story started Tuesday when CNN posted “captured” footage of Trump playing golf.


“Noah Gray, a producer for CNN who tweeted a picture of a white box truck in front of hedges adjacent to the golf course on Wednesday, tracked down what looked to be an identical, if not the same, truck parked Thursday in a parking lot at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department,” the Washington Examiner wrote.



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