The Iranian People Fighting The Islamic Theocracy Are Real Anti-Fascists

In 2017, Antifa took American campuses by storm. Radically Left, vehemently anti-Trump, black-clad vandals swarmed last year to protest conservative speakers like Ben Shapiro and to declare their contempt for free speech. Violence and property destruction were their calling cards, all supposedly in the name of “anti-fascism.”

As 2018 begins, a different kind of protest has captured the attention of the world. For days now In Iran, anti-government demonstrators have taken to the streets. Rising prices, high unemployment, and the brutality of the government have stirred discontent. On Thursday, a protest began in the city of Mashhad. Reports say most gathered were adults under 40. And this spark, aided by social media, ignited a fire across Iran.

This long-suffering people cries out for liberty in opposition to the Islamist regime led by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and his cohorts. The few videos of the demonstrations that have escaped the regime’s tyrannical suppression of social media show mass demonstrations against Khamenei, against President Hassan Rouhani, and against true oppression. “Death to the Islamic Republic!” brave freedom fighters cry.

This was just the beginning. According to Al Jazeera, the protests are escalating “much faster than anticipated.”

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