Trump Lawyers Negotiating A Meeting With Muller

According to a report from NBC News, initial talks are underway between the president’s attorneys and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team, to have President Trump testify in Mueller’s ongoing probe into whether Russian officials meddled in the 2016 presidential election.

The report indicates that Trump’s team feels that talks with Mueller and his team of FBI investigators are inevitable, so they’re trying to make the interview as comfortable as possible for the president and define the interview’s parameters at the outset. The president’s attorneys are also hoping that Trump can respond to a set of written interrogatories, rather than undergo a sit-down interview.

Attorneys for Trump, however, haven’t given in to the idea that the president must sit down with Mueller and his team. They are said to be seeking “potential compromises” that would help the president “avoid an interview altogether,” according to sources close to the process, including having the president sign a simple affidavit affirming that he was not involved in any talks between campaign workers and Russian officials.

That would avoid the possibility of Trump being forced to plead the Fifth — something the media would no doubt seize upon immediately — and would help lawyers craft any responses, rather than risk having Trump go off script in an in-person meeting. It also allows the president to maintain that he is not under investigation, something he’s insisted since Mueller’s mission was first announced.

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