Facebook Making Bank On Fake News

While scrolling through the personalized news feeds on Facebook, users are periodically shown information that is false, or at least misleading. A lot of times the fraudulent content comes from friends or certain followed pages, but often the post is listed as “sponsored,” meaning someone paid Facebook to promote and place it on the platform.

Facebook staff are supposed to thoroughly vet the bidder and their advertisement, ensuring that both are legitimate.

However, many slip through the cracks.

Facebook’s oft-used justification for this is that due to the enormous amount of appeals it receives on a daily basis, it can’t always keep up. For a massive company with $27,638,000,000 in revenue and $23,849,000,000 in gross profit in 2016, it’s not clear why resource restraint would be an issue in more robustly reviewing these posts. Since it is sponsored content, of course, Facebook makes money on these posts, causing some analysts to question the sincerity of Facebook’s desire to actually aggressively combat this fraudulent content.

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  1. Why I left FB: No uniform policies, censorship, seminar trolls. Anti Trump & America & Our Values, DUMP your FB account.

  2. Ir’s too bad that FB has become pretty much a public sewer much like Twitter has devolved into as well. It’s unfortunate that so many people across the world have become addicted to these sites and either depend on them for objective news or in the case of FB to unwittingly divulge too much personal information. While Twitter has become mostly a means to spread hate and disinformation it’s also become the only means for President Trump to state his opinions and comments without the distortions and lies of the liberal media. For only that reason alone I see Twitter as having some value. FB, on the other hand, has just become a means for the Zuckerberg investors to monitize individual communication by means of people unaware of the risks to their privacy. It’s quite unfortunate that social media encroachment has become the latest means to further strip privacy from the masses for financial advantage.

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