Was The Trump FISA Warrant Based On That Infamous Dossier? Trump Thinks So

President Donald Trump advanced a theory Thursday that a surveillance warrant was obtained against him using information gleamed from the salacious dossier compiled by opposition research firm Fusion GPS.

The dossier, compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele, alleges collusion between the Russian government and Trump’s 2016 campaign and includes uncorroborated details about the president’s private life.

Trump’s critics have held up the dossier as proof of impropriety during the election while others point to a serious lack of evidence supporting the most salacious claims as grounds for dismissing the dossier entirely.

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  1. Arrest illegal alien criminal usurper of Office Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro, the Marxist Muslim infiltrator jihadist attacking USA.

  2. If the Dems were illegally and covertly listening in on Trumps phone conversations and still couldn’t catch him doing anything wrong, then his campaign activities must have been legal…as contrasted with theirs.

  3. The American people deserve to have the questions answered by our Congress period. This BS game they are playing is going to end up destroying the Nation. The people will not wait forever for an answer or for justice.

  4. They’re all trying to save their own muellers. Everyone in Washington DC knows what happened with the dossier. If we know it, so do they. They are still protecting obama and hilliar. They will do it until they can’t anymore. And all of Congress and the media are complicit.
    All bullmueller.

  5. William Durham, patience, this is a masterful suspense movie unfolding right in front of us. The loooony left is coming unhinged as they desperately make one failed attempt after another to discredit President Trump. President Trump is playing a masterful game of chess, while the loooony left is playing checkers! What is so laughable is it appears President Trump is playing with a puppet. He jerks a string and then we all get a good laugh except the loooony left. As more and more truth bombs are exposed for the world to see what criminals have been running our country. In time, many will go to jail, but first Americans must see just how corrupt politics has become and most Americans will not be happy as the corruption unfolds.

  6. I am so sick of hearing this and that about all the corruption that took place in the Obama administration. If they have all this evidence lets start indicting these people. When I see some action being taken I will believe they are serious but right now nothing seems to being done.

  7. ‪Stop monsters impunity of obstruction of justice did impostor @POTUS44 @BarackObama used criminal @FISACourt violating IV Amendment creating for current regime @GOP @DNC consensus who named current @POTUS @VP violating XII Amend ratified 50* give constitutional legitimacy 4yrs WH‬

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