Trumps Doctor Gives The All OK, Tells Dems To Shut It

Now that the White House physician, Navy Rear Adm. Dr. Ronny Jackson, has pronounced President Trump in “excellent health” after a thorough physical exam – including a cognitive test that found no neurological problems – it’s time for the president’s critics to stop questioning his fitness for office.

I hope the media witch hunt for President Trump’s supposed dementia or possible psychosis is now over – and that talk will cease about removing him from office under the 25th Amendment to the Constitution as being unable to carry out his duties. But I doubt this will be the case, judging by reporters’ repetitive questions at the end of a news conference that Jackson held at the White House on Tuesday.

Jackson, who oversaw President Trump’s physical conducted last week, spoke directly to the media and added flesh to the bones of his assessment. He is a highly qualified physician, board-certified in emergency medicine and an expert in hyperbaric and submarine medicine. The evaluation he made is far superior to that of anyone, physician or otherwise, trying to judge the president’s health by watching him on TV.

Jackson has had an impressive medical career. In Iraq he was in charge of resuscitative medicine for a Surgical Shock Trauma Platoon. There is an old saying in medicine: if you want to take care of not-so-sick people, you should experience life-threatening situations first, where you learn to save people near death. Jackson is an example of this path to success.

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