The GOP Needs To Fight Abortion Like Dems Fight Immigration Law

Today is the annual marking of the grim milestone of Roe v. Wade. The annual March for Life, although well intentioned, is the day every Republican politician can freely feign outrage over a decision that led to the deaths of 60 million babies while refusing to use the constitutional tools they have to rectify this evil.

Particularly jarring about this year’s march is that it coincides with complete GOP control of Washington, and nobody paying the slightest attention to the power they hold to rectify the abortion travesty. In fact, it appears that virtue-signaling about babies has become an end to itself rather than ensuring their brains don’t actually get sucked out with taxpayer funds. Meanwhile, there’s a thing or two conservatives can learn from Democrats.

It’s eerie watching the March for Life as we are in the midst of a budget battle in which funding for Planned Parenthood is not even up for debate — with Republicans in full control.1 The publication of the videos two years ago showing Planned Parenthood engaged in trafficking and harvesting of baby organs was a watershed moment in the 45-year debate over Roe because it proved conclusively that abortion was not about being a “safe, rare, and legal” necessary evil, but rather a triumph of barbarism as a virtue in itself.

Nonetheless, Republicans, who could have forced the issue even under Obama, won’t even discuss the issue of these unborn American dreamers who are being wantonly killed every day. Nope. The entire landscape of debate over the budget is about amnesty to illegal aliens, which has nothing to do with a budget anyway, unlike funding a criminal organ trafficking network.