Fed Spends $167,045 Of Your Dollars To Fight “Fat Shaming”

The National Institutes of Health is spending over $150,000 on a study that aims to fight fat shaming.

The project, being conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, aims to reduce “weight stigma,” which the researchers contend leads obese people to eat more.

“In a randomized controlled trial, I will test the effects on long-term weight loss of a novel clinical intervention designed to help individuals with obesity cope with weight stigma, combined with standard behavioral weight loss,” according to the grant, which was awarded to Rebecca Pearl, an assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania. “I believe that reducing WBI [weight bias internalization] will improve long-term weight loss by increasing physical activity, a behavior consistently associated with greater long-term weight loss.”

“The proposed research project could have significant clinical implications for enhancing the treatment of obesity and reducing the negative effects of weight stigma,” the grant states.

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