Dems Acknowledge In Private They Need To Fund The Wall

As I’ve been writing, the fact that Schumer put wall funding on the table in the first place means that it’s not going away.  That bell cannot be un-rung.  The Senator from New York may have made a big show of withdrawing his offer, but that’s just pandering to a wounded and angry base in the wake of his terrible shutdown miscalculation and retreat.  Paying for Trump’s border wall is now a Schumer-legitimized baseline GOP demand, and Senate Democrats are apparently whispering to journalists that everyone knows it:

Senate Democrats acknowledge that any bipartisan immigration reform will need to include funding for a border wall. [MSNBC reporter Garrett] Haake reported from Capitol Hill that despite Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) saying he has taken wall funding “off the table,” Senate Democrats acknowledge a different story. He said Democrats realize the “simple reality” that if they want to pass a legislative fix for recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, the legislation will have to include tough border security measures. “So Chuck Schumer doesn’t want to leave his offer sitting on the table and weaken his negotiating position any further,” Haake said. “The bottom line is though that there’s going to have to be some kind of money for border security–some kind of money for a wall–to get this deal doneDemocrats in the Senate acknowledge it, and it’s the simple reality…”


Durbin’s quote is a recitation of the same state of play that existed before his party’s quixotic shutdown misadventure, again underscoring how utterly fruitless that stunt was. And House Democrats’ tough talk should be viewed as something of an irrelevant bluff. The minority party has very little power in the lower chamber, so their threats only matter if the GOP can’t muster the votes to pass a funding bill on their own. And the idea that House Dems would actually follow through and sink legislation to keep the government open that’s been blessed by their Senate counterparts strikes me as pretty far-fetched. Earlier, I referred to the Schumer Shutdown as a miscalculation.  A leading House Democrat who has his eyes on Nancy Pelosi’s job agrees:

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