Democrat Investigation Blows Up In Their Faces


“I think this was very appropriate for the IG to initiate and I say hats off to my colleague Elijah Cummings for making the request for this investigation some months ago, it now has bipartisan support,” Schiff said.


Much to Schiff’s chagrin, the IG investigation has revealed instances of political bias at the FBI — in favor of Clinton.


McCabe reportedly waited three weeks to inspect a laptop belong to former congressman Anthony Weiner, who is married to longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin. Around the same time, FBI insiders suspected that McCabe had stonewalled an investigation into the Clinton Foundation, according to The Washington Post. Conservatives have long questioned McCabe’s impartiality, due to his wife’s close ties to Clinton ally Terry McAuliffe.

Documents obtained and published by conservative watchdog Judicial Watch also suggest that McCabe may have steered the Clinton investigation away from an indictment.

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