Trump’s State Of The Union… America First!

President Trump gave the State of The Union Address last night, and it was absolutely fantastic. Our President went over a wide variety of issues we are facing as a nation and the massive amount of success we have accomplished in this hugely successful first year. The Democrats couldn’t stand this pro-American speech, they literally did not stand or give applause when Trump talked about our veterans or the many heroes that are serving this nation.

Trump talked at length about our now booming economy. He talked about the new factories and billions in investments into the United States following the Trump Tax Cuts. Trump spoke of the booming DOW and the lowest unemployment we have seen in a long time, the Democrats merely locked their jaws and rolled their eyes as he delivered the truth about the mere “Crumbs” our American workers have been receiving in the form of thousand dollar bonus’. When Trump brought up the extremely low black unemployment this was the Democrats disrespectful and indifferent response.


The Democrats audibly groaned the bringing up of illegal immigrant violence in America, and many even refused to stand, or even acknowledge, the two families whose daughters were violently murdered by members of the diabolical MS-13. Trump carried on anyhow, he honored these families and a member of ICE(who he promised he would send reinforcements too).

Trump pushed hard the need to face this Opioid Epidemic and highlighted the daring tale of an officer who found a pregnant drug addict, offered to raise her child because God had spoken to him that day. Truly a story everyone can get behind? Not for some Democrats, the mention of God sent them into a blitz of scowls and frowns.

Trump talked about the healthcare of our veterans and Democrats again chose to remain silent. When Trump talked about the repealing of the Individual mandate brought forth by the disastrous Obama-care which will leave a lot more “crumbs” in your pockets the Democrats showed their spite towards the American working class. Trump even brought up the right to try, where terminally ill patients are given privilege to special not yet approved medication, which again was met with the Democrats displeasure.

By far the best line Trump had was this

“Americans Are Dreamers Too”

He said this when he talked about the DACA deal that would give 1.8 million illegal immigrants a path to citizenship, but expressed the end to chain migration. The sentiment he had was America First throughout this and the entire speech.

This speech was fantastic and entirely Pro-American, this speech shows the American people less about Trump and his policies, which we know are pro-American, but reveals the deep anti-American sentiment the Democrats hold. The polls are still coming in but it seems like pretty much every American is in support of our Presidents State of The Union.