Trump Crackdown Tries To Break Ties Between Iran And Palestinian Terrorists

The Trump administration announced on Wednesday a slate of new sanctions on an Iranian-backed terror organization and its top allies in the Hamas movement, according to an announcement that is being viewed as part of an effort to disrupt the Islamic Republic’s terror networks operating on the border of Israel.

The sanctions target a lethal Iranian-funded terror outfit based in the Gaza Strip and West Bank territories that has, at Iran’s direction, targeted the Jewish state for terror attacks in recent years.

The Trump administration also slapped new sanctions on Ismail Haniyeh, one of the Hamas movement’s top political figures who has helped orchestrate and carry out terror attacks on Israel.

The new sanctions represent an effort by the Trump administration to sever the ties between Iran and Hamas militants operating in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which have served as a key plotting ground for militants seeking to target the Jewish state.

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