Father Of Abused Children Attacks Abuser In Court

On Friday morning, Randall Margraves, whose three daughters were allegedly sexually assaulted by former USA Gymnastics national team osteopathic physician Larry Nassar, stood facing Nassar in the Michigan courtroom. Margarves, whose daughters Lauren and Madison Rae had just finished speaking, plaintively asked the judge if he could have five minutes alone with the “demon” in a locked room. When the judge refused, saying, “You know I can’t do that,” Margraves hurled himself toward Nassar, prompting security officers to restrain him as Margraves cried out, “Let me at that son-of-a-b****!”


Margraves began, “Well, I’m going to have to—“ then lunged at Nassar, but was blocked by Nassar’s attorney Matthew Newburg and then was restrained by at least three deputies. They grabbed Margraves, got him in a headlock and got him on the floor, as he cried, “Let me at that son-of-a-b****! I want that! I want that son-of-a-b****! Give me one minute with that bastard! One minute.”

A deputy said, “Relax, sir. Take it easy buddy. Now we’re gonna let up, kay? You have to let up, too, kay? Sit up.”

As he sat up, Margraves asked, “Where is he?” Then as he was led away, he turned to the deputies escorting him and pleaded, “What if this happened to you guys?”

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