Mark Meadows: Here is why The Nunes Memo Matters To You

Those who have concerns that the FBI under the Obama administration may have used faulty, inaccurate, or politically motivated information to acquire a FISA warrant to surveil the Donald Trump presidential campaign seem convinced that the Nunes memo will contain the bombshell revelation that proves them right. Skeptics seem insistent that this memo MUST contain such a revelation, else they will relegate all the evidence of Obama administration abuses to a mere “conspiracy theory.”

At risk of being lost in the media frenzy is the reason why any of this matters. Aware of this, House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows, R-N.C., who has been a consistent and reasoned voicethroughout this controversy, wrote a Twitter thread Thursday that clearly and concisely explains why every American should be concerned that our freedoms are at risk.

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