American Dreamer & Colts Linebacker, Edwin Jackson Killed By Illegal Alien

While football fans were celebrating a thriller end to the Super Bowl last night, news agencies were reporting that Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson had been killed Sunday by a drunk driver. Jackson and his ride-share driver, Jeffrey Monroe, were struck by a car that veered onto the emergency shoulder while they were standing outside their vehicle. Who was the drunk driver? Manuel Orrego-Savala, an illegal alien from Guatemala who had been deported in 2007 and 2009. These two individuals are the latest forgotten men – victims of the illegal alien policies championed by the entire political class in a zero-sum sympathy game focused exclusively on illegal aliens.

There’s been a growing trend in the media of ICE-shaming over deportations. They superficially report on illegal aliens or criminal legal aliens being deported under “cruel” circumstances and portray the deportee as a sympathetic character. Yet they never report on the victims of amnesty and sanctuary city policies and the murder and mayhem committed by criminal aliens.

While the circumstances of Orrego-Savala’s ICE detainer and whether he was released by a sanctuary city in Indiana are still unclear, there has been an epidemic of DUI manslaughters in this country as a result of sanctuary cities releasing criminal aliens. In 2015 alone, the Obama administration released almost 20,000 criminal aliens who had collectively racked up over 12,000 DUI convictions.


Orrego-Savala immediately fled the scene after striking Jackson and Monroe in the emergency shoulder but was apprehended by local police shortly thereafter. He initially gave police a false identity as a Mexican national under the alias of Alex Cabera Gonsales.

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